First full work week

Bee of Design | Fresh Interior

Finishing up the tail end of my first whole work week here at my new gig as a Studio Manager at House of Honey – a very chic design firm and I am ready for a cocktail. Ha. It’s  been a whirlwind of information. And the adjustment from being freelance/napping every afternoon to being ‘on’ for 8 hours has left me exhausted and yearning for the weekend.

Bee of Design | Fresh Interior Bee of Design | Fresh Interior

On the plus side being around wallpaper samples, vintage furniture and lots of painted portraits has re-inspired my love for interior design. The simple fresh design of this space makes me think of a cool crisp breeze coming through the windows and the need for lots of tea and extra blankets. It’s definitely because of the current 100+ heat wave and am desperate for it.

Bee of Design | Fresh Interior

Bee of Design | Fresh Interior

The strong grid pattern has been catching my eye recently. I love how the tile in the kitchen gives some structure to an otherwise soft and cozy space. Now let me dive into that bed and get some kitten cuddle on.

images via decordemon

rustic california = endless summer

Bee of Design | never ending summerBee of Design | never ending summerBee of Design | never ending summerA few months back I pulled some strings to borrow a vintage ford bronco with plaid interior, bribed a friend with birthday cake flavor oreos to model and got to collaborate with a great photographer Brittany Wood to produce my favorite shoot to date. The location was found when I was running out of gas and getting lost trying to find a station. It was perfect rustic california. 

Bee of Design | never ending summer

Bee of Design | never ending summer

Bee of Design | never ending summer

Little did we know that the spot we chose was also a local hangout spot for tow truck drivers who had quite a laugh at us as we climbed in and out of the truck.

Bee of Design | never ending summer

Bee of Design | never ending summer


Even with the peepers this day was a highlight of my year. It was a great experience for me to conceptualize an idea, pitch it to others, cash in on some favors and see it to the end – all while being the creative force behind it. And this is definitely the most photos I’ve ever had in a post but I am not sorry. I really love them all (and I did edit).  Thanks for checking it out.

art direction: rebecca buenik

photography: brittany wood

barrington blue pillows

My first ‘big girl’ job

Bee of Design | Oh me! Oh my!

I don’t know about you but this summer got really out of hand. The days slipped too quickly and the start of the halloween DIY’s on pinterst make me want to cry. These past few months have been a great combo of creative work and side gigs to help me scrape by. Yes, it’s been rewarding. Yes, it has been nice sleeping in and eating pizza almost every night but it’s time for a change. A big change. And it could not of come in a better form. I am happy to announce that I have taken a position at an interior design firm as their studio manager. This is what I consider my first ‘big girl’ job: it’s full time, it’s salary, it’s blowing my mind that I start next tuesday.

Bee of Design | watercolor vase

After the past many months of emails, souring craigslist and networking events I have to admit that the hustle does pay off. Not letting yourself settle. To know what works for you and only you. I was trying really hard to do this whole freelance gig thing with only a small amount of financial success. It’s just not working for me right now. I need structure, goals and influence from other creatives that know what they are doing business wise. My fear was that I was giving up too soon. Selling out. That I would be letting down the little girl I babysat for (she is the 20 month old that exclaims ‘Oh me! Oh my!) or the coffee house. But when you are offered a career that you went to school for (and are still passionate about) you take it and run.

Here are some other fellow creatives/friends that moved from freelance to full-time: Kate Miss and Joanna Hawley. Both posts are beautifully written and share similar thoughts to how I am feeling.

both images are watercolors done by me in procrastination of emails/cleaning/getting organized.


Outfit Obsessed: Floral Kimono

Bee of Design

I feel the bo-ho california fashion has finally won me over completely. Growing up in the mid-west the idea of tangled hair, super short ripped jean shorts and going bra-less was something you wore to a theme party rather than it be your regular wardrobe. My obsession with the floral kimono robe put me over the edge. I think it’s super sexy but casual. Such a great piece to thrown on over a jeans or even a dress that might be a bit to scandals.

Bee of Design

After searching pinterst they seem to be everywhere. I really want one but my maker/DIY side comes out. This piece would be SO easy to make. A very simple pattern, few seams, maybe some pom-pom fringe on the bottom if I wanted to be fancy. Like- I am here thinking if I have any sheer floral fabric in my collection as I type. Eeek. It’s a fashion urge that needs to be scratched.

first image of sunday pearl (new blog that i am loving) via fashionlush | second image here

Studio Bee Update / 1

Bee of Design

A few weeks ago I became fed up with myself. The ever chatter in my head of nothing get done yet not really doing anything about it. So I decided to change it up: cleared out my little in-apartment studio to repaint the original brownish color with a crisp white and to purge all of the junk that I was hording.

Bee of Design


It took about a week from start to finish (that is everything back in the studio and not on the kitchen table). A big thing that I am still in the need for is a big o’functional desk. Currently I have two smaller desks but what I really want is an 8′ long x 3′ deep counter that I can cut out patterns, paint and work on my computer all at the same time. le sigh. There is a money jar in the works to save up for the pieces I need. For now I am happy with the little nook it has become. Bee of Design

My little gallery wall bookshelf took almost a day to style. Ha. I wanted it to be functional yet inspirational. Having bigger art books/magazines at the ready with my precious ‘little house books’ to remind me of the hard work that and care it takes to build a life and thrive. The middle shelf is filled with cups, jars and bins with instruments for certain projects for easy access (example: the owl mug has all my seam rippers and scissors for sewing mistakes).

Bee of Design

And if I couldn’t get anymore glamorous I use my old cracked iphone in a glass cup so I can listen to my classical station in style. ha. All-in-all this studio redo has actually lead to more time working/creating. It’s also inspired me to stop thinking so much and to DO a lot more. Keep up for more updates.

All photos taken by Rebecca Buenik for Bee of Design Studios




Weekend project / tool box started

 Bee of Design

‘How did it get late so soon. It’s night before it’s afternoon. December is here before it’s June. My goodness, how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon.’ Dr. Suess via Meagan Camp instagram aka stylist crush

As I sit on the last night of June it’s hard not to not have a slight panic attack and think… ‘where has this year gone!?! What have I done? It’s chirstmas… like tomorrow…’ But as I breath I can console myself: though I cannot see the overall arc of this year (yet) I can cherish the weekend project. Which was breaking down an 8 seated, vintage dining room table (that had seen better days)  that was destined for the landfill with my man and re-purposed the wood into several different side projects.



One of the projects in the works are matching old school looking tool boxes. It’s been such a fun experience/challenge to build something with Bruno. We have very different ways of expressing our creativity and sometimes it’s a bit difficult to get our ideas across to one another. It’s almost like therapy, really. You have to learn to listen to your partner in a whole new way, respect their ideas and collaborate. Stay tuned for more updates!

Taking my cat for a walk

Bee of Design

Summer here and like always our apartment has starting holding heat in the evening hours. A joy – because it’s the only time I can seem to sit still for more than 10 minutes.

Every year, it seems, we promise to get more fans to circulate the hot air around. There is still only a single fan. So what else do you do? You take to ‘stoop-sitting’ with a cocktail in hand. Make it more interesting? Take some spare macrame cord and make a harness for your strictly indoor cat. Will she freak out? Will she turn wild and try to run away? Neither. She will sit and look at you unimpressed with the whole thing. We tried this on my other cat Max and he promptly freaked out and ran back inside. So telling of their personalities. What do you when your house is too hot to handle?

I wish I could fishtail braid

Bee of Design

Oh fishtail braid how you elude me. I’ve tried for YEARS to create you with very little success. You twisted locks are so exotic, so beachy. I’ve concord your more conservative sister – the braided up-do – but not you. not you. Why can’t we be friends? That is all.

Cute Kitten

Bee of Design This saying really struck me today and wanted to share. It’s hard to see how far you have gotten when you live with yourself everyday. Does anyone else feel that they are trying to beat down the door to the next step but it is sealed up tight. Like no matter how hard you try it just wouldn’t budge… then you start thinking…’should i try another door?’. ok. deep breath. You just have to keep at it… because what else are you going to do?

Bee of Design

Alright… I am done being sappy. let’s just swoon over this cute kitten.

quote by Satsuki Shibya